About the shop

         TinyRobots specializes in hand crafted jewelry that have been designed and made in Romania, Europe. Founded not a long time ago, in 2017, my main goal is to encapsulate tiny robots in resin as jewelry, easily to carry around with you and as decorative stationary blocks, as decoration. Every detail and every little part of the jewelry I sell is made with love and passion for making beautiful, unique and sometimes extravagant things. In the flood of serially produced jewelry I want to offer uniqueness, originality and timelessness.

About me

         My name is Andreea, but I’m also known as 11pixeli. I’m currently studying architecture and urban planning in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, and in the free time that I got, I enjoy focusing on other projects aswell.  I opened this little shop out of my love of crafting new pieces! I am self taught in resin and jewelry making.

How I got to Tiny Robots 

         As soon as I discovered resin crafting, I knew it was something I wanted to experiment. Not only it’s an expensive hobby, but it also requires a lot of patience, determination and research. After much online documentation and looking at every resin related article I found interesting, I wanted to give it a go.

         “ Why buy it with 20$ when you can make it yourself with +357$ ? “


         I knew I wanted to start with something small (pendants, rings), therefore I knew I needed tiny pieces suitable for resin encasing. Most suitable but common used are dried flowers and metal flakes. But I wanted to craft something else, something more. I thought of encasing electronic components one day when, my brother decided to get rid a broken monitor that we kept in the mouse for the last couple of years. I knew I could make something out of it, so I decided to discard it and take all the tiny pieces I could find. After rearraging them into different positions, I noticed I could make them look.. alive. By giving them eyes. Hands. Legs. Hairstyles. But most important, a name. That’s why I decided to hand out certificate of adoptions for each and every tiny Robot. 

         “Robots are people too!”


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