The road from electronic waste to Tiny Robots

         TinyRobots are one-of-a-kind creatures made completely out of recycled materials: discarded electronics, computer parts, monitors, MP3s, keyboards, mouses and many others.

         Device upgrades are becoming more and more frequent for many of us. Unfortunately, too many people give virtually no thought to what becomes of all those discarded gadgets, and neither are most device manufacturers.

         I try to keep electronic waste out of the environment by making these up-cycled characters, assembling the components and transform them into something more than just scrap. Giving them another purpose.

         TinyRobots Jewelry are fully encased in resin, easy to carry around with you!

         BiggieRobots are fully encased in large, transparent, stationery, resin blocks. 

         They even come with a certificate of adoption! Because robots are people too! 

The process

         Each tinyRobot comes alive from a stack of a large variety of electronic components and not only. The second step of the process is the resin pouring. The resin is being prepared and then poured in silicon molds along the robots, which then hardens. The resin I use is a high quality resin that resists yellowing over time and exposure to sun. Once I remove the pieces from the molds, I hand sand each piece through multiple grades of sandpaper and polish to create a smooth, soft and shiny finish. Afterwards, each piece is taken through another process of hardening . Whole process can take up to a month.

How I got to tiny Robots 

         As soon as I discovered resin crafting, I knew it was something I wanted to experiment. Not only it’s an expensive hobby, but it also requires a lot of patience, determination and research. After much online documentation and looking at every resin related article I found interesting, I wanted to give it a go.

         “ Why buy it with 20$ when you can make it yourself with +357$ ? “

         I knew I wanted to start with something small (pendants, rings), therefore I knew I needed tiny pieces suitable for resin encasing. Most suitable but common used are dried flowers and metal flakes. But I wanted to craft something else, something more. I thought of encasing electronic components one day when, my brother decided to get rid a broken monitor that we kept in the mouse for the last couple of years. I knew I could make something out of it, so I decided to discard it and take all the tiny pieces I could find. After rearraging them into different positions, I noticed I could make them look.. alive. By giving them eyes. Hands. Legs. Hairstyles. But most important, a name. That’s why I decided to hand out certificate of adoptions for each and every tiny Robot. 

         “Robots are people too!”

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